Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

As a Holistic Life Coach I can teach you methods to help you deal with everyday life struggles as well as help you overcome emotional issues that are keeping you from having a happy fulfilling life. I will work with you one on one to help you fully understand the mind body connection.

What is a "Lifestyle Coach"?

• Life coaches are teachers, mentors and healers that use their skills to lead patients down a fulfilling and positive path of self discovery, healing, productivity and self fulfillment. Life coaches help patients achieve inner peace so that their outer worlds can become a more bearable and happy place to live in. A life coach will also help you uncover the truth behind what it truly is that is needed for you to become a whole person that lives in a world you love and most of all, to love yourself. Life coaching assistance can turn you into a stronger person, both mentally and physically.

• As a life coach my goal is to help you find true happiness and to help you release all negative emotions about yourself and others in a healthy way so that you can live a peaceful life that you love, while fulfilling your life's purpose. I will help you reach a place where things that once frustrated you will now seem like an easy task. Your perspective will shift to a place of love and you will be able to see the bigger picture with more clarity. A session with me consists of steps and we will address your issues one at a time. The issue at hand will be worked through until it is completely healed and no longer plaguing your physical and mental well being. This life experience that once plagued you will now come to serve as a learning opportunity for the future. My life coaching sessions are different than traditional psychologist and psychiatrist visits. Our sessions are not limited to talking and I do not prescribe or administer medications. We will practice exercises that balance the body and mind during our sessions. You will be asked to continue these exercises at home to ensure that healing continues and you will learn to incorporate our practices into everyday life. Healing is done with the client's hard work and dedication, utilizing the skills provided by me.