Metabolic Typing & Nutrition Plan

Initial Visit: $60.00
Includes two weeks of email support for questions & concerns.

  1. Metabolic Type Analysis
  2. Sample Meal Plan *
  3. Recommended Food Chart *
  4. Dietary Supplement Recommendations *
  5. A List of Good Eating Habits *
  6. Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  7. Introduction to Benefits of Eating Organic & Whole Foods

* Custom Tailored For Your Specific Metabolic Body Type.

Follow Up Visit: $60.00
The follow up is done after two weeks in order to allow the body to start reacting to the dietary changes you have made. During the follow up we will go over the bodies response to the metabolic diet analysis.

  • Review of your progress towards current goals.
  • Update your meal plan.
  • Overview of results.
  • Define future goals.
  • Develop plan to reach future goals.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Initial Session: $60.00
Additional Sessions $60.00, based on individual needs.

  • Understand the Chakras & The Connection To Illness.
  • Learn how emotional traumas can lead to disease.
  • Learn to heal your mind, body & soul.
  • Be free from your disruptive thoughts.
  • Relaxation techniques you can use daily in your life.
  • Improve your relationships with others.