I met Jessica Simonian through a friend that worked with her and had amazing results. Jessica and I live in the same area and little did I know that I had a knowledgeable, compassionate and highly effective life coach plus nutrition planner living minutes from my house. She has an amazing capacity to see exactly what a person needs and to help them implement a plan that works for them. When I met Jessica I had high anxiety, to the point where I could barely be in a crowd. I suffered from dizzy spells and therefore isolated myself because I was afraid to faint. A lot of changes occurred in my life after Hurricane Sandy which caused me to become sick and Jessica helped me navigate through it. I lost people that were close to me due to death and other reasons beyond my control. I also lost personal belongings and my health was deteriorating. I was losing a lot of weight and people began to mention my obvious imbalance. Now, only a few months later, people mention that I seem vibrant, healthy and better than ever. People gravitate towards me and like to be around me. Jessica helped me to view myself and others with more love and compassion and to forgive. She gave me a nutrition plan which keeps my dizzy spells away and my mood and confidence level is better than ever. Jessica even gave me recipes that I love. Her avocado pies and protein shakes are amazing and totally healthy. Jessica's life coaching helped me to look at myself with more honesty and now I look at the world with excitement, not anxiety. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to change their life for the better. She is honest, blunt, intelligent and intuitive. She will see right through you and she won't beat around the bush or take money without giving you more than your money's worth. I would not pass her up.
- Bianca A.