Schlesinger’s Steak House

By Jason Gehlert

New York’s Hudson Valley offers many satisfying indulgences from hiking, visiting historic cities, riverfront entertainment to eating at excellent restaurants. I’ve always sought quality steakhouses just off the beaten path. The chain restaurants rarely satisfy my palate. I came across Schlesinger’s Steak House about twenty years ago and the experience was outstanding.

My wife and I decided to have our sixteenth wedding anniversary at Schlesinger’s this past June. The family owned restaurant has remained intact for the past four decades. The restaurant opens at 4pm daily and remains open to 9pm weekdays and to 10pm on weekends. A friendly atmosphere welcomed our arrival with prompt service and professionalism. I called Amanda, the owner to reserve a table for a Saturday night. Although not necessary, I highly recommend it as the tables fill up shortly after the five-thirty dinner rush.

The comfortable seating arrangement inside the historic Brewster House allows the freedom for guests to chat among themselves, enjoy a great dining experience, and possibly even relax with a cigar in the lavish cigar room. There’s also a smoke free E-bar and a unique nightclub with a 40” television. The menus were placed on our table with a jar of their signature dill pickles. It had a rustic feel as the menu was printed on a paper lunch bag. As we enjoyed our pickles, we studied the menu and its many options.

The entrees were a nice balance between steaks, burgers, chicken, pasta and seafood. The back of the menu offered the many steaks the house is known for. Prime Rib, Rib Eye and T-Bone were among the higher end cuts and while expensive, they were well worth the price. My wife and I decided on a NY Strip Sirloin cooked medium with mashed potatoes. Our entrees came with a salad and multiple salad dressing choices. As the room filled up, I noticed the service to be prompt and the overall atmosphere remained relaxed.

My wife and I were never pressured during our meal by the waitress and we were able to appreciate the meal and our conversation. The staff exhibited respect and knew exactly when service was needed, they were prompt at refilling our drinks and clearing our table when we completed our meal.

On the other side of the restaurant, the bar was bristling with business. Patrons enjoyed their drinks and conversations in the quieter setting. The short walk to the cigar room allowed the guests flexibility for a relaxing time with friends or family. One can enjoy their stay at either venue and not feel uncomfortable during the night. Schlesinger’s offers a unique dining experience for many New York City residents looking for fine food and drink and is accessible to the Metro-North train station.

Local live bands bring a sense of excitement and connectivity to the surrounding community, as Schlesinger’s embraces the different voices of its customers. The Brewster house is an historic landmark that threads back to the Revolutionary era as a simple fieldstone house of Samuel Brewster. Brewster’s family traces back to Long Island, where his great grandfather was a minister. After Brewster’s move to New Windsor, his passion became entrenched in the local area, acting as one of the first proprietors of the township. His ownership of a saw-mill, forge and anchor shop proved vital in defense of the area from British ships. His shop assisted in forging the chain that stretched across the Hudson River to limit British travel. All of this rich culture still exists in New Windsor and her surrounding areas and offers another reason to sample the food and area.

Affordable food, a relaxing atmosphere and rich history make a short ride from New York City a fun excursion. Come explore and embrace one of New York’s best steakhouses.

Schlesinger’s Steak House
475 Temple Hill Rd,
New Windsor, NY 12553