Favorite Eatery for the Famous
Posted on 25th May 2015


By Jon Haggins  |  Photos WebMadPhotography.com

When I think of elegance and fine dining, I think of Le Perigord.  George Briguet and his son Christopher are the proprietors of this well-established restaurant.  Le Perigord Restaurant has been in business since 1964 and that says something for the restaurant.

SouffleI first visited Le Perigord more than twelve years ago and was very impressed with their cuisine and wrote about it for my then restaurant column.  As a result Sidney Poitier and James Earl Jones dined there.  Other notables that have dined there are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Ex-Mayor Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Joe DiMaggio, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger and Alan Greenspan.

Le Périgord features classic French cuisine in an elegant setting on the eastside in Manhattan. Le Périgord is the premier destination for French cuisine in New York.

Monsieur Briguet greeted us and made us feel as if we were guests in his home. The restaurant presents service the way French restaurants used to be, complete with starched white linen tablecloths and exemplary service from wait staff in tuxedos.

This well appointed establishment is adorned with a bouquet of fresh roses on each table and large floral arrangements throughout the restaurant.  The main room is an open space with lots of banquets and table seating.  The restaurant also offers a private dining room lined with murals and banquets and well as free-standing tables and bar for special events.

frgolegsWe chose one of the cozy banquets in a strategic location so that I could celebrity spot the other guests. Le Perigord offers a variety of typical French dishes such as, warm foie gras with seasonal fruits and cold house foie gras with Sauternes aspic as appetizers. The menu also offers a variety of entrees to chose from such as, filet of bass with creamy country mustard sauce, lobster with coriander broth, loin filet of lamb with baby artichokes and carrots, grilled filet mignon with black truffle sauce and beef bourguignon.

To start the evening off we were presented with an amuse-bouche, which had a combination of shrimp, smoked salmon and several other fish.  For an appetizer, we ordered frog legs and escargot; it’s so typically French.  The escargot was prepared in hazelnut butter accompanied with wild mushrooms.  For the entrée we ordered medallions of veal draped in morrel sauce and a dish of roasted salmon with lemon saffron sauce with Provenćal style vegetables and fresh herbs. We complimented our dinner with a full body French Bordeaux.

A large dessert carriage offers some of the best delightful French treats. One thing one must consider is a soufflé from heaven. In addition to the soufflé, I ordered a dish of fresh strawberries. And to top off our divine evening, we ordered an herbal tea.

If you’re looking for a traditional and elegant French dining experience, then Le Perigord should be on your desired list.


Le Perigord Restaurant

405 East 52nd Street,

New York, NY 10022

(212) 755-6244